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Belkin? Cleaning Wipes for Electronics (80 Count)
Computer surfaces need specific care - and this is it. Convenient easy to use but most importantly safe! Pre-moistened computerelectronic cleaning wipes help control static electricity as they clean electronic surfaces. Made of oil-free wax-free solutions.CAUTION - Do not use directly on monitor screens that have been treated with anti-glare or anti-radiation protective coating. Refer to manufacturer specifications. Convenient. One-step cleaning. Safe. Non-abrasive cleansers will not scratch or damage surfaces. Efficient. Streak-free cleaning.
$ 8.95
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Fellowes? Transparent Keyboard Cover
Use this vinyl keyboard cover to protect your keyboard from dust and spills when not in use. Fits all standard keyboards.For keyboards up to 101 to 108 keys.Protects against dust and spills.Open back design allows for cord clearance.
$ 5.95
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